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  Partnyori Dance Formation

Dance Formation "Partnyori" (Partners) was established in September 2006 in which about 100 people dancing at the age of 16 to 70 years. What unites us is our love for Bulgarian folklore dance and the desire to know, preserve and pass on to their children.
Pride and achievement for the formation time is the strong integration - bringing together people of different ages, professions and nationalities. Formation combines authentic folk dance and modern vision. Some members of the "Partners" participate in stage dances developed based on folklore and recreating traditional Bulgarian customs.
Formation "Partnyori" participate in various events of Kyustendil Municipality as well as events outside our town. Was extremely successful participation in summer 2008 Kyustendil, filled with many initiatives TF "Partners", together with the Regional Historical Museum Kyustendil, Bulgaria - concerts, organizing photo session and fashion show with traditional regional costumes.
In Internet Contest "Nadigravane 2008", organized by company Horo BG, Formation won the Jury Prize for best overall performance for dance performances Kyustendil, Kate Kate, Veles dance Ispayche and Thracian ruchenitsa.

Formation presented successfully in Folklore Festival "Living Heritage 2008", Sofia. Was successfully presented at the Third National Festival "Horo winds, winds", Sofia 2009, where the formation is present in Kyustendil and Kopanitsa dance and won second place in the second part competition where competing groups under 39 people.

The group participates in various events of Kyustendil Municipality, as well as in festivals and performances outside our town. Successfully collaborate with the Regional Historical Museum in the joint preparation and celebration of different holidays.

TF "Partners" has won numerous awards and honors:

Festival "Horo winds, winds", Sofia 2009 - second place;
Festival "Horo winds, winds", Primorsko 2009 - first place;
Festival "Maleshevo sing and dance" Mikrevo 2009 - third place;
Festival "Horo winds, winds", Sofia 2010 - first place;
Festival "Rila watching us," Dupnitsa 2010 - first place;
Festival "Maleshevo sing and dance" Mikrevo 2010 - second place;
A gold seal of Kyustendil Municipality to actively participate in protecting and preserving the traditions of 2008 and silver in 2009.

Dance Formation "Partners" has successfully participated in Serbia and Macedonia.
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